When trying to juggle family, life, work and play, the question often arises how much time should get spent where? Is it a matter of what area needs more attention or what needs to be escaped? What do you do when your life is your career, play and family all rolled into one? Is there any real division? That was a question that arose during one of our readings recently, and has been asked several times over, so we thought we would address it here. Our life is one where we live our day to day existence with our abilities those abilities have turned into a career which has allowed us to help so many people on their journey. With us, there really is no division of time. We sometimes have our children with us for readings, events, lectures etc. and sometimes it's just the two of us. SO...the answer is it is our life first, a career second.

That being said, we approach the subject of wants vs. needs. When you have these abilities,  there are a lot of times a client will want or need something and it's almost midnight, but they are in need, do we get out of bed, make a pot of coffee and get to work? Sometimes, each scenario is different. If it is a true need we tend to know that and help out when we can. Needs are different from wants, do you need to know if your brother is going to come back from being lost in the Bermuda triangle because you have been awake for the last 10 days that he has been missing? More than likely, yes. Do you need to know if your pet really likes the peanut butter treats more than the beef flavored ones? More than likely, no, you can wait until tomorrow to schedule an appointment. The point is that yes, we love helping people with the gifts we have been given and are eager to do so, just as our clients are eager to meet with us. Yes we are "normal" everyday people that have children, enjoy being with our friends and family, and we just happen to be psychics and mediums.