I had the absolute pleasure of being read by Dave and Trudy today. I am a very private person about many of my experiences so I will not go into private detail here. But within a few short minutes, David started honing in on many personal ”Knick-knacks” of mine - memories and experiences of loved ones that I carry, that he would have no way of knowing. Which is an amazing feat all on its own. Then he and Trudy both dialed it up a few notches and “stuff” got REAL, on a spiritual growth level. They both told me things about myself that only less than a handful of people know about me. Dave shared a gift from my mother that only her and I experienced together in her final days, and revealed private things about me that literally took my breath away. Deeply personal, but both he and Trudy were incredibly professional, respectful, non-judgmental, and relatable in that we are all here learning lessons - we aren’t alone.
Trudy is also a “powerhouse” in her own right and talents, and in my session, she told it to me straight (personal issues that I have faced and need to work on), but with compassion and delivered a true desire to help me learn and grow. Each of their gifts are unique, and they compliment each other, so you aren’t getting a singular point of view - their partnership brings a more robust diagnostic to your session, so you not only get messages from your loved ones and private, shared memories, but also lessons on healing, and moving forward. They knew things about my daughter whom they have never once met, and gave me clear guidance and support on concerns I have as a parent.

I highly recommend them if you want to hear a good word from someone in spirit, if you need that extra boost to correct hurtful patterns, to look at your environment and scan for anything harmful, and as a reminder of what true fellowship is - Dave and Trudy are truly the “real deal.”




It was great meeting with you last Monday.  I'm still somewhat dumbfounded about a few things -- specifically the stupid pigeons.  I had totally forgotten about that incident.  I must have gone home and unloaded on him about how indignant I was.  I finally figured out the "crossword puzzle" reference.  I did work them, but never at night to pass the time because I couldn't sleep.  Then it occurred to me -- Tom's first language was Spanish and sometimes he mixed up his English words (as I'm sure I do with Spanish words).  When I couldn't sleep I worked "jigsaw puzzles". I remember when I had terrible insomnia for months he would bring them home and most nights would get up and sit on the floor and help me put them together.  He wasn't a fan of them, but bless his heart he tried to keep me company.  So when he said crossword he must have meant Jigsaw. 

----------- P.R.

We just met with David for the first time, and he blew our minds! We were referred to him but had no expectations and were skeptical. Not only would we refer him to other people we would definitely see him again. In addition to making us a believer, he gave us something you can't put a price tag on; a piece of mind. We had many unanswered questions and he surpassed what we thought we would get out of our session. He was friendly and down-to-earth and made us feel at ease. We look forward to seeing him again.
Brian & Heather - Branchburg,NJ

PS -
David - Thanks again so much for everything when we met yesterday. Both Heather and I feel comforted by everything you were able to tell us. You truly have an incredible gift. We look forward to meeting with you soon.

-------- Best regards, Brian & Heather

I am a true skeptic when it comes to those that profess to have psychic ability. I have seen several so called psychics take not only emotional advantage, but also financial advantage of a client.

David Allen Brown is the real deal when it comes to psychic ability. His straight forward approach is a breath of fresh air. There is no beating around the bush when he has something to share with you. He is honest and extremely accurate.

Mr. Brown attended a private paranormal investigation of an historic site in Virginia. He was given no information about the location. Upon entering the site he began to hone right in on the different layers of history and tragic events that had occurred at this location. He even began to show and share a connection to a spirit that was relaying to him the action that she took at this site with manipulating the doors. Only the docent, myself and my partner knew of this activity. I was astounded!

If you are looking for honest, straightforward, and accurate information then David Allen Brown is the psychic for you. In my book, he is the real deal.

-------- LeeAnne Ball, Co-Host of Spirited History live

I am what I like to call an open minded skeptic . . . I don’t discount the paranormal, but am waiting – hoping – for some kind of proof. I’ve photographed many ghost hunts and each time have been disappointed. I brought David along with me on a shoot and ghost hunt out at Fort Mifflin. First off, during the two and a half hour drive to the Fort, I got a taste of David’s talent when he offered me some words on my own life – things he could not have known about – I pride myself on having a very good poker face, but David saw right through it. That alone, had me believing . . . but his performance during the ghost hunt had me converted to a full believer. He had never been to Fort Mifflin and purposely stayed away from any research on the location – yet he was able to pinpoint both personal history with the place and environmental elements of the fort. Simply Amazing.

-------- Paul Michael Kane

I met with Dave after buying a home and my best friend passing away shortly after. Dave never knew her. We had met at my house to go over some things happening there, and my best friend, she came to him. He told me things that only few people knew, and things only her and I knew. He told me things from our younger days as kids; like our 1st tattoos, my father tattooed on us, that we would never cover up. He mentioned more recent things also that she had been through, that few people knew, and told me things that helped put some pieces together about her death.

Dave told me things about myself that I know NO ONE could know, unless they had known me a very long time, past AND present, and has shed some light on some issues for me. I am truly amazed by Dave's abilities and very thankful that he came into my life.

-------- Tracey Barnitt

I met David Brown through a family member of his who told me of his unique psychic ability. I have heard of others with this ability and have been skeptical about the reality of it. I asked David to come to my home to see what type of “feel” or sense he may receive. I observed how he seemed to listen to the house. He immediately picked up that a small dog that “visits” our home likes to sit in the chair in the corner of the living room. This was interesting because I do not have a dog but do have a friend who has a small dog. Gizmo, a Yorkshire terrier, visits a couple of times per month and always sits in that chair. I actually cover the chair for that reason. When David entered the spare bedroom, he asked why he keeps getting a strong “G” name such as Gert or Gerd. I told him that a friend named Gerda stayed with us for two months after moving to the area. She is the only individual who has stayed with us for an extended period of time. David proceeded to tell me that an older male ghost, retired from the Navy, spends time in my home. He said that he smokes a pipe. This gave me the chills because I often ask my husband if he smells cigar smoke. The scent passes quickly but this has happened on several occasions.

I could proceed with several other facts David provided including family relationship struggles and distinct personality traits of my family. Suffice it to say, he proved his ability to me. I may be skeptical about some people who profess to be psychic, but I truly believe in David Brown’s ability.

-------- Karen Plympton

I don't know that you'll remember me, but I definitely remember you! I was about 20 years old at the time & went with a bunch of friends to a place called Action Park in NJ. We all stopped at the grocery store there in that little town to get sun block, drinks, & some snacks. I'll never forget it! I was walking around & bumped into you, you were a worker there, and dropped my wallet I was holding. You picked it up to hand it to me & paused just a second & looked me in the eye before letting it go. You made a quick comment. Said, "You lose this thing a lot, huh? Listen, Don't do it man, don't jump, you'll be sorry"! and you walked away & through some doors in the back of the store. I thought it was odd you knew I always lost that wallet before finding it again days later, but passed it off as coincidence. But later that day at Action Park I should have heeded your warning! We were all jumping off the cliff into the pool & messing around. But, then I ran & jumped the same time someone else did without realizing & we smacked into each other. The other person was fine, but I hit the water with my neck & shoulder and fractured 4 cervical vertebrae! I remember smacking into the person & then waking up in the ambulance. In the hospital, I thought about what you said. If I had taken what you said seriously, that never would have happened! I never forgot that! I was totally blown away by you! And here you are a psychic medium! I will definitely pass on the good word about you. You were unbelievable then, I can't even imagine how great you are now!! I'm definitely going to contact you for a reading, you're awesome!!

-------- Jimmy Smith

Omg! I just remembered in high school you told me I was pregnant and told me it was a boy......we were in Chorneys class I think, but I remember being floored because not a soul knew that I was pregnant.

-------- Jessica Graves

Dave Brown’s abilities have amazed me right from the very start. During our first conversation, Dave was able to pin-point my personality and tendencies perfectly. During that same conversation, Dave also introduced me to the psychic world describing my recently deceased grandfather who stood right beside me as guardian angel.

In subsequent conversations, Dave was able to name and describe significant people in my life for whom I had strong feelings whether work related, personal, or otherwise. Additionally, Dave predicted several events in my life from a hotel fire alarm going off at a specific time, to complications with relationships, and changes in my career outlook. These predictions were told sometimes before they had happened and sometimes after which assured me that he was telling the truth.

Finally, one of my most touching experiences with Dave occurred when he told me that a deceased family friend wanted to say “Merry Christmas” and asked if I still used the stocking she knit for me when I was just a little girl. Based on these personal experiences and several others, I truly believe that Dave Brown is truly a gifted individual with exceptional abilities.

-------- Justine

Dave came over to my home & was met by my grandparents (passed) whom he knew everything about without a word from me! He knew things that I had even forgotten over the years! He described them thoroughly like he had known them for years! Even down to the plastic cap my Nana used to wear so her hair didn't get "messed up“. He even told my husband (who's not a believer) all about his grandma in the Dominican Republic that had passed 20 yrs prior. From what she used to wear down to the chair she used to sit in everyday in the front of the house! Also the pieces of glass he used to collect as a child. I didn't even know that! Dave made a believer out of my husband! He is so thorough and on that its unbelievable, but believe it! Daves the BEST!

-------- Kristin O'Connor Alexander

I was at a stressful time in my life & was seeking guidance. I contacted David through a co-worker on mine & he set up an appointment right away. We met & at first I was so nervous, but he started talking about my family and the village where I grew up in the Philippines. It was very comforting & I felt so at ease, until all of a sudden I realized HE doesn't know my family or where I'm from, or anything about where I grew up! I said to him, "wait a minute, how do you know so much about me?" and he just says, "I AM a psychic, it is kind of my job, right?! This is what I do." I was AMAZED! I started to laugh a little and so did he. That's when he asked me why I really wanted to see him. I told him I just was looking for guidance for my life. I didn't know where I was headed or what I should do. He started telling me exactly what was going on in my life at the present and he was right on!!He told me where I was headed if things stayed the same as they were now. I asked what I could do to change things for the better. His answer, although I did not want to hear it, was not just honest and direct, but made sense to me too. He explained it in a way that did not embarrass or up set me , but instead made me feel I could be empowered. I felt like he supported me, like a friend from long ago, advising & assisting me. Since that appointment, I have done everything he has advised. Things are looking up for me finally! I am so happy I met Mr. David Allen Brown! I tell all of my friends & family about him and what he has done for me. He is just so wonderful & has helped me so much, I can't say enough to praise or thank him!

-------- Adele Guinto

Dave came over to my mom's house & was looking around to see what he would pick up. He paused by the stairs. He said to me that there was a spirit there, a man. He described him as kind of dishevelled with his hair parted to the side, wearing dark work pants and flannel shirts usually, and he talked funny, his speech wasn't normal. Dave said he liked to sit at the window under the stairs & watch things. Then he said he was there right then. I was speechless! He continued saying that the spirit was happy there and had lived there before; that he liked staying there to be around family, but wouldn't hurt anyone or bother anyone. My jaw was gaped wide open! I got chills and goosebumps and the hair on the back of my neck, and arms was standing on end! I could not believe it! Without any pictures around, without any knowledge of my family, and without any prompting, He described my Uncle Bryce to an exact tee!!! I finally said,"That's my Uncle Bryce! He was deaf. That's why he spoke funny. He did always dress like that unless there was a wedding or funeral to go to, and he had only lived there a short while, but often stopped by and stayed a while. He liked to relax by the window under the stairs to watch people and cars go by." Dave said, "I know". smirking a little (I was a non believer). I was floored!! He definitely made a believer out of me!! And, since my uncle's death was not an easy or nice one, it really made me feel at peace myself, knowing my Uncle Bryce was alright and happy and still here with family too. I can't thank him enough for that! I'd recommend him to anyone interested in finding out what might be in their home & why! He is just amazing! Thanks again Dave!!

-------- Tommy Butler

I was lost as to what to do! My kids were terrified of their room at night, and would not go upstairs without me! They insisted they saw a monster & that the monster would shake their bunk beds, wake them at night, & get right in their faces! I tried to comfort them & show them nothing was there, but nothing I did would calm them! They lost sleep, I lost sleep, & I began letting them sleep in my bed with me. Talking to a friend about the problems with my kids one day, he asked if I had considered that maybe there really was something there? I said at 1st I didn't, but as my kids became more scared, I was starting to wonder! He advised that I try finding a paranormal research group to investigate or even a psychic to come check out the house. I
couldn't find anything local when I googled paranormal research group, so I began asking around. Another friend of mine suggested David Allen Brown. I asked who he was & they told me he was a really exceptional psychic
medium & highly recommended him. So I got his number from them & called. I told him I needed someone to come to my house & find out what was going on because my kids were terrified of some monster & I was at my wits end!

Dave was very understanding & accommodating. He already had an appointment booked, but didn't mind squeezing me in, so he set up an appointment to come to my house that very night! I never even told him any
other details! My kids were asleep in my bed when he came & he was very courteous about being quite enough to not wake them. I started to tell him the details, but he wouldn't let me! He said he didn't need me to tell him
anything unless he specifically asked me something! He began telling me I had 3 children (which I do), that although I was married, I was alone here (which was true, because my husband was in the reserves & over seas at time), and that I was under a lot of stress besides what actually brought him here (true, there were financial issues too). Then he said, this is an old house, but you're only the second people to live here. The man who built this house lived here with his family until he & then his wife died. It was empty the for a while & then you moved in (I had no idea if that was true).

He then walked around more down stairs & then started up the stairs. He paused saying there was a heavy feeling as he went up the stairs. He picked up anger, frustration, and sadness. But wasn't sure yet what it stemmed from. At the top of the stairs, he said he was drawn to 1 room. He said there was a man there & he was not happy with anyone being there at all. Dave told me the that the man was screaming at him &
warning him to stay back, so he asked why he was so upset & told him he wished him no harm. He said the man kept yelling get out of here, this is my house. Dave said he picked up that this was his house & he was the one who had built it. Dave told him he wanted to help him & began to walk towards the spirit. As Dave walked toward the room, boxes that were just inside the doorway flew out at him! I screamed & ran down stairs because no one was in that room to do that & they were perfectly stacked! A few minutes later, Dave walked down & told me the man had died & was here waiting for his wife, but she had not come home yet. He was sad because he missed her, angry that strangers were in his home, & frustrated because we wouldn't leave! He said the spirit looked like an old man, with big ears, long teeth from gingivitis, log nails from not being cut, scraggely hair from not being cleaned & combed, & he was very hunched over with a hump sort of on his back. Dave said he explained to the spirit that he was dead & that his wife had also died, but she had crossed over a long time ago. And, that the home was sold & now belonged to us.

He said the spirit was confused then, but he just kept trying to explain until the spirit understood what had happened. Then he helped him cross over so he could find his wife on the other side. Dave told me the spirit was gone! That the kids would be fine now. He said the kids saw this old man & saw him as a monster, but they wouldn't see him any more! I was so relieved! I showed Dave a pic my oldest kid drew of the monster. It had claws, big pointy ears, long fur on its head, long sharp teeth & big humped back! I couldn't believe how much it resembled what Dave had described! Dave said the kids saw him, but couldn't see as clearly as him, so to them it was a person yelling at them, it was a scary monster after them! WOW! I thanked Dave, & left. I went to bed, finally at ease! The next night my kids were playing in their room & went to bed in their own beds without a hitch! I was amazed! I asked them why they weren't scared, & they all said because the monster wasn't there! I was so incredibly happy! Then a few days later I ran into the realtor that sold us the house & asked if he remembered or knew any history on our house. He said only that the previous owner had built it & he & his wife lived there for 63 years before he died. The wife had died shortly after & the house sat empty for about 8 years before it was purchased by us. That right there could have killed me! I could not believe he was so right on about so many things & solved the problem I had so my kids could sleep soundly & peacefully in their own beds again! I called him & told him how things were, & what I had learned. He only replied, that he had told me that, and that he was just very happy he could help! I figured he would be bragging or something, but he didn't at all! he was actually very humble about the whole thing, even though I think it was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced!

What a great guy! I recommend David Allen Brown wholeheartedly to everyone who says they need or are thinking about contacting a psychic or paranormal group for any reason! Dave is the real deal! He's the best!

-------- M.D.

My experience with Dave and his psychic abilities came out of no where one day. Dave contacted me and stated he needed to speak to me. He stated my Mother who had passed almost four years previously was with him and wanted to know where certain items of hers were My Mother wanted to know where a diamond wedding set, charm bracelet, mug and one other object was. I explained to Dave I sent an old Norwegian shaving mug with her brother Paul because she and he were always close and I never knew their Uncle so the mug had no meaning to me save that it meant something to her so I gave it to her brother for safe keeping who in turn took it home to Arizonia and placed it in his china cabinet. I explained to Dave that I would need to do some searching cause I never knew she possessed these other items. I explained that though for ten years I solely had almost total care of my Mother since my siblings didn't want to help never took anything she tried to give to me. My Mother was offended that I wanted nothing of hers to remember her by. I stated oh Mommy don't you know I have you here and here, touching my forehead and chest. I stated I won't forget who you are and things won't bring you back to me anyway.About 6 months before my Mother passed I suffered a fractured neck and it took four months for me to recover. I then said to my Mother if there was anything of hers I could have I'd like to have her electric wheel chair.

Though I was young and my surgery by the grace of God was successful and I maintained my ability to move without being bed ridden that I may not be so lucky next time If I injured myself again. I would be too young for medicaire and couldn't purchase such a chair because they were expensive. That was ok with her. Shortly after that time my Mothers breathing became difficult with her COPD and I took her to her pulmonologist who placed her in the hospital in ICU on a ventilator. A day later My Mother started experiencing pelvic pain and CT scans brought back a diagnosis of stage four cancer.I was devastated! Two of my siblings went to my Mothers home the very next day and took just about everything there was. I was in shock at the sight when I went to retrieve night gowns thinking Mom would be more comfortable in her own gowns. I had continued to grieve from that moment on to the day Dave contacted me. Dave told me My Mother stated that' she knew who took things because of sentimental value and who took things with the intent to sell them. I wasn't sure who Dave was telling me my Mother was talking about but I was no longer doubtful that Dave in fact was relaying a message from my Mother. I searched out the information my Mother was looking for and found that my youngest sister had the diamond engagement set that she thought was my Moms but in fact was my Grandmothers. That her daughter had the Mothers birthstone ring we all pitched in to buy her, the bracelet was an engraved ID bracelet given by my Mom to her great-great granddaughter.

When I contacted Dave in return he said my Mother was listening. I stated of all the people in the world to have what she valued so just threw me because they took care of nothing or would move leaving all items behind. Dave said her reply was they were family too. Dave stated you understand. Dave said I don't know how to say what she is telling me because I remained silent then. I replied, I will put it into terms you'll understand, they are her intact family with her husband and we were just her other children. Dave said exactly. See my Mom married twice, our Father had nothing to do with us and our Stepfather was abusive to us and would not allow us any time with our Mother. After these contacts my sisters contacted Dave but he would not reveal what was discussed between us but they relented and gave me my Moms chair. I always believed we lived on somewhere from this world and these bodies but that contact proved it so for me. I told Dave I'd like to just hear my Mom speak to me just once more but I knew that was an impossibility so I would like signs when she is here visiting as Dave states she comes here all the time saying this is her home. And believe it or not I have been getting signs. Digital picture frames turning on displaying roses to me and my GPS turning on and it's inside it's original package so you cannot accidentally turn it on. I definitely believe in his gifts and have had other enlightening conversations with Dave. Thank you Dave from the bottom of my heart. I know you know my Mom was valuable to me and I am pleased to know she visits me regularly.

-------- Glenda O'Brien

I am a believer, but with a few disappointing psychic experiences under my belt I find myself more of a skeptic. In my reading with David I was able to connect with 3 of my relatives. It was a great experience as he told me things about our relationship and their personality that you wouldn't be able to find online with research. I also told him about the uncomfortable feeling I have in my bedroom - always feeling like I'm being watched. He told me I had 2 spirits in my room. 1 little old women that looks at me like her daughter. She protects me and just likes to be near me. The other spirit is an older male who gives off a not so pleasant - creepy vibe. David was able to tap into this negative energy and find out that this spirit has been with me for a very long time. I was NOT happy about this and asked David to tell him to go away. David was able to get rid of him and I haven't had any uncomfortable feelings in my room since.

- Sheri D. NJ

It was not until my dad passed away, that I became interested in the after life. My dad was never one to express himself, which left me frustrated and upset that I might never know his true feelings. I contacted David who agreed to meet with me at my dad's house in NJ. Things were a little rough considering it had only been a week since he passed. I found out some things, a lot of them materialistic, and some of them pretty saddening. Since it was so soon, it was difficult to get much information. At that time, David told me my dad was in a lot of pain, angry, sad, and just pretty miserable in general. That has been eating at me for the past 8 months. I contacted David to chat with me over the phone, now that I am in Colorado, to see if I could find any more information. I wanted/needed assurance that he was happy and that he is here with me. David gave me that reassurance. He mentioned times that my dad was with me, times that I was hoping he was but just had no way of knowing. I found that my dad is way happier and is living his life with us, his family. I found some things out about my mom and sister, as well as myself. Like I said, I was never one to really "believe" until I lost someone so close to me. With talking to David, I can continue my relationship with my dad, even though he is physically not here. David has a heart. He wants to help as much as he can, as much or as little time that may take. I have heard many horror stories of being scammed and lied to by psychics and mediums, but with David, no one ever has to worry about that :) Thanks David!

- Amanda

I have met with David only once so far, but look forward to the next time. It was a truly amazing experience in contacting a recently departed family member, which is what I had hoped for. David had tremendous awareness into many aspects and levels of the relationship. His insight enabled me to feel the presence of my loved one, knowledge of his well-being and the love and warmth of his presence. The little things that David brought out were feelings and events that he had no opportunity to have known other than through his gift.

- Kristine P

Dave generously donated his time to do readings at Zachary Decker's Mini Golf Outing and Tricky Tray. I had recently found out my sister was expecting her first baby, much to my excitement. My sister wanted to know the baby's gender so I told her we could inquire to Dave at the event. I saw Dave and asked him, but he was hesitant to tell me, thinking I would tell my sister. I then asked if it was safe to bid on a pink baby girl basket in the tricky tray. "I would," was Dave's reply. Dave later told my sister it was kind of hard to tell because my brother-in-law wanted a boy very badly (this is TRUE) and it was hard to get a sure answer. But he was confident. I WON that baby girl basket. And if that isn't a sign I don't know what is! We just found out today, I am going to have a niece. Not that it's a surprise. Dave came through, yet again.

- Kristin Oyen