David & Trudy Brown- Psychics, Mediums & Spiritual Counselors

David & Trudy Brown- Psychics, Mediums & Spiritual Counselors


I was born with ability, at least that's what my mother told me.  My mother was Psychic Nell Brown. As far as my memory goes, I can't remember a time in my life not having the gifts I have been blessed with. My mother was never shocked at what I was capable of doing growing up. As a child it was difficult to see, hear, know and feel spirits and know they were really there, but feel like I had no one to talk to about it. It was truly terrifying at times.  

As I got older, I had a harder time understanding the gifts that I had been given. I had more questions than answers and my only point of reference was my mother, who was not always as forthcoming with guidance as I needed her to be at times. In hindsight, I know she thought she was protecting me from the dangers that come along with having abilities.

Over the years, several people have come in and out of my life, as often happens, that helped me fully embrace my gifts for what they were and allowed me to begin, and continue,  my path of using my abilities to help others. I slowly began to "come out of my shell" of sorts and go public with my gifts which allowed me to self-educate through experience.

In the beginning I would do anything and everything, to further my abilities, for family, friends, coworkers, etc. until my clientele list built up to the point of making this my full time career. I have done so much in so many different areas such as spirit communication, spirit rescue, psychometry, remote viewing, psychic prediction, life purpose readings, psychic advising, house readings, house clearings, environmental readings and more, that they all became easy for me.

                  A question we get quite often is "Why do you do what you do?" Well, it's simple,  we love helping people! We love making believers out of skeptics, We've done that, a lot, not that it's been done on purpose, but it just ends up that way.

As far as the "business" side of things goes, our (my wife and I work in tandem to deliver optimal results for our clients)  approach is different from other psychic mediums, or so we have been told. We are very honest, straight forward and don't hold back. We don't treat it like a doctors office approach, we enjoy a very conversational style of reading which in turn seems to get the best result for our clients. Every reading is different and is adapted to fit the need/want.  Our clients and peers say that we are down to earth and non-judgmental and we take that to be a huge compliment.

Because of our life experiences, we enjoy helping others especially children, as we have four children that are very gifted in their own rights, understand and embrace their abilities and gifts. We often lead workshops to help guide people on their spiritual paths.  We are happy to be able to embrace our gifts and use them in this way.

As far as the "personal" side of our life goes, I can say that it sure works in mysterious ways. My wife, Trudy, who is a natural born psychic herself and more often than not works beside me, reside in Virginia. Together we have created a beautiful family, that includes our five wonderful children. Our story is far too long to tell here, but believe me when I say it's an amazing and beautiful one! We enjoy family time, traveling, being outdoors, helping others and just having fun in general!

This is just a little bit about us, there is so much more...